Movie: Agora

Sometime in early December I watched Agora , the movie synopsis in my guide sounded good and I gave it a shot.  Well, it turns out it wasn’t all that great, but it had all the makings of a great movie.  The plot was complete, the period portrayal was good and the acting was decent.  The only problem was the plot wasn’t that good…  The movie was basically illustrating the importance of Hypatia ( Rachel Wiesz ), but focusing and concentrating on the Roman empire vs. other religious groups.  It was an interesting watch, but I felt like it was going to get better in the next 15 minutes…through the whole movie (it never happened). Deep Thought: What impact would discovering elliptical orbits have had on our understanding of the universe? Likes: Hypatia (who continued her work at all costs), smart slaves (why wouldn’t they be, if they were your personal assistant) Dislikes: Overbearing priests (my religion is the only one and its the best mentality), trashing ancient documents (I guess its a period thing) I’ll give this movie a 3/10, it had me hopeful through the whole movie…but it never took off.

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