30% Income For Doing Nothing

I was looking through some blog earnings stats and noticed that with my FriendFinder affiliate account 35% of the money I have made has come via other affiliates I have introduced. I followed this up by looking at some other affiliate programs I have promoted and, sure enough, about 30% of the money made comes from the efforts of people I have introduced. I think this is already sufficient to get the obvious message across i.e. if I hadn’t have also promoted the programs to others my income would have been about 30% less. It’s so easy to get enthused about an affiliate program and go like mad to promote whatever the products / services are. However, thinking longer term, the best bet is to also promote the scheme to others as a way to make money. Terms vary on differing affiliate programs but most offer about 10% of the earnings of any introductions. With a few calculations the potential of this can be realised. There is a reality check though about introducing others into affiliate programs: The majority will do either none or very little business. This is a fact and the way of the world with most sales or even MLM. So you don’t get too excited when someone signs up under you but, there again, don’t get too deflated when they don’t make you any money. It’s a numbers game, like so much in sales. Just keep plodding away and you’ll hit upon a few jewels who will make you money. You might even come across a real biggy who’ll earn you a mountain of cash. With affiliate programs think: (1) sales of the product and (2) introducing others. There’s plenty of money to go round, there are billions of people in the world. All you have to do is present what you have to offer to as many people as possible. As I’ve said before: Contact some people and make some money but contact lots of people and make lots of money. It all goes back to: traffic. The right traffic, in the right numbers makes money. Good luck, Mike. YouGov : Make extra money by completing surveys and polls for payment – genuine company.

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