Movie: Leap Year

Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of staying awake and watching Leap Year .  Its a traditional unbelievable romantic comedy, you know the kind where a couple thinks they like each other, and she tries to confirm he loves her by traveling to another country to marry him, only to find out that she needs help getting there, and hooks up with a guy she barely knows until she finds him and temporarily forgets her new love when she sees her old love, and their relationship tanks so she travels back to the other country to marry him – yeah, those kind of movies.  The only thing worthwhile was the title, leap year according to the movie is the only date on which a woman can ask a man to marry her in Ireland.  Who knows, but I’m refusing to look it up… Deep Thought : How long would it take you to forget your boyfriend/girlfriend if you met someone else and travelled with them in close quarters?  2 day?  (Probably longer huh, that’s why this movie isn’t that great!) Likes: Amy Adams in various states of undress, the scenary, missing the train Dislikes: The movie and its plot I’ll give this movie a 2/10, even my wife fell asleep.

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