How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents – Winners of Book Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered the

How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents

book giveaway. I was very impressed with many of the financial tips provided by both the parents and the

younger adults. Initially I was going to pick my favourite tips as the winners, however, since there were so many excellent comments, I just put all the names in a hat and had my assistant Lynda, draw the names.

The winning parent is: Theresa

The winning young adult is: PerryK

Please email your full name and address to by December 31st and we will mail out your book immediately.

I had a couple of people email me that Blogger is not user friendly for making comments and I agree, it is a bit confusing. Should you ever wish to comment in the future, this is the easiest way:

1. Type in your comment
2. Then under select profile, choose name/URL
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4. You can then preview or publish directly
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6. Then hit publish

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