Best iPhone Apps: 3 Great Personal Finance Apps!

I’m a fan of the iPhone. It goes with me everywhere I go because I’ve come to depend on the apps contained within. Also, my iPhone is kind of the only phone for me. Android or Blackberry? It just won’t do. If you’re like me, you have to check out these three great personal finance apps! It’ll make your data plan a little more justifiable – hehe . Best iPhone Apps You’ll notice that not all of these apps are directly related to personal finance. One of them is more of a productivity app. But I thought I’d point that out because it brings me to a great – well – point : a lot of how you structure your life indirectly affects your finances. How you manage your time truly can change your income, spending, and budget. Think about it. Everything you’re doing, from reading this blog to making a healthy breakfast, will have an effect on your productivity and therefore your finances. That extra tidbit was free of charge. Alright, here are the best iPhone apps to help you with your finances! 1. MoneyWell for iPhone For those of you who are fans of my work over at The Christian Dollar , you know that I rave about MoneyWell for Mac . The program is so easy to use when entering transactions because you: Select the account you’d like to pull money from. Select the virtual bucket (budgeting category) that you’d like to pull money from. Enter in transaction details. It’s really that easy. On the iPhone app, they make it pretty easy to enter in transactions just like on the Mac version. You can type in your dollar amount on the same screen you can select your bucket, payee, notes, and more. Very convenient! Right now, my wife and I are just using MoneyWell for iPhone as a viewer for our current financial situation – we’re not inputing transactions. Instead, we keep our receipts and plug them in to the MoneyWell program on our Mac and [try to] sync nightly. Who knows, we might start inputting transactions on our phones, but syncing together nightly helps us to be more involved in the process of reconciling our transactions. 2. Things for iPhone You’re going to find out rather quickly that I’m an Apple Inc. fan . Things for iPhone is one of the best applications I have for productivity. In fact, it is the best. Here’s why: Our lives as you know can be pretty hectic. We have things that must get done, things we want to do, and things that we need to revisit maybe a few years down the road. How do we manage all this stuff? Well, some of us try to remember it all in our heads . But our minds are more like a leaky bucket than a steel canteen – a lot of information gets lost with time. Others try to jot notes down on paper that we fold into our wallets. This is a bit more effective, but what happens when we have over 50 things we have to remember at one time? What happens when priorities shift and change? Editing a handwritten list and trying to capture it all down on paper is not the most efficient method. Yet still, there are select people who understand the value of a comprehensive task management system . This is where Things for iPhone comes into play. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post, a thought about something I need to do tomorrow, or a new task that is fuzzy but needs to be captured, I turn to my iPhone and launch Things. Later, when I get home, I sync Things with my Mac and put it in my system. Eventually, if it is in my system, it gets done – no forgetting! Things for iPhone helps me be more productive and helps me to make more money online. It also holds many of my reminders to reconcile my transactions, pay bills, and more. Things is very robust and can handle a lot of tasks at one time. You can even set up reoccurring tasks that you have to get done daily, weekly, monthly, or annually! Five stars! 3. PayPal for iPhone Because I run an online business, I need an easy way of getting paid online. PayPal for iPhone helps me manage my online endeavors on the go. I can easily transfer money to my local community credit union, and look over my payment history. For those of you who are making money online , you might want to check out PayPal for iPhone. This app is especially useful if you have an eBay business – don’t leave home without this app! Your iPhone Apps? Alright, so now is your time to chime in. Do you have an iPhone? What are your favorite personal finance or productivity apps? Come on, I know you must have something in mind! Meet us in the comments and let us know your favorites! I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Photo by  Yutaka Tsutano Related Articles: 5 Free iPhone Apps To Get Your Finances On Track 20 Android Budgeting & Personal Finance Programs Forecast Your Checking Balance on an iPhone! 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