ArticleRanks Is Better Way For Blogger To Get Free Unique Content

I know that it would be difficult to write unique content for all of your blogs, I myself have over than 30 blogs and I am of course very difficult in terms of writing unique content for all these blogs, here I have some free solution for all blogger who may need free unique content and one way that I take is to use the site that provide free unique content. There are many sites for bloggers that can be used to get free unique content, some that I have tried is myarticlenetwork , freetrafficsystem and articleranks . Here I want to talk more about articleranks. Articleranks is the best choice and a better way for a blogger to get free unqiue content, why? Let see the picture here : From the statistic you can see that the article that has been approved more than 1196 times, rejected 1197 and auto rejected 1167 from  a total 51 articles that has been presented 2046 times for consideration by site owner, and see the “pie chart”, 50% rejected and another 50% accepted, what this mean? this mean the site owner has full control to accept the content from articleranks, if the site owner or blogger see any duplicate content or content that not related with their blog or content with grammatical error than the site owner or blogger will reject the content, or if you dont have a times you dont have to manually reject the content by yourself, you just have to use the articleranks feature to auto reject a content that not unique for you. So, if you need a better way to get free unique content, than the answer it might be with articleranks. Now, if you want to get this free unique content, you can simply register here at . There is another benefits for a blogger who adding their site to the articleranks system, articleranks gives bloggers a certain amount of credits for each distribution on your blog. Articleranks constantly checks the power and PR of the blogs you have added. The more powerful your blog the more credits you will receive for each distribution. Sites MUST be at least a PR1 in order to earn credits. What a benefit of this credit? With this credit you can use it to distribute your content to articleranks for free. What this mean for you? this mean you get free unique content on your blog plus you also get free quality backlinks for your blog. I hope what I tell you here will be benefit for you and for me, thanks for reading. Share this on Facebook Tweet This! Share this on Digg this! Share this on Technorati Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon Email this via Yahoo! Mail Post on Google Buzz Related posts: Way To Get Free Unique Article Content On Your Blog Free Way To Make Your Article Unique Free Niche Research, Free Content, Free Traffic? Is your goal to become a full time blogger? Become A Blogger And Make $5000 Per Month

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