2013 Federal Budget

The Federal Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, today presented the 2013 Federal Budget. While there are no changes to corporate income tax rates, there is an increase to the personal income tax rate on non-eligible dividends paid by most private corporations out of active business income. There is no change to the taxation of eligible dividends paid by most public corporations.

Small corporate business owners planning to sell their business got a pleasant surprise in the budget when Mr. Flaherty increased the capital gains exemption for qualified share sales to $800,000 from $750,000 effective for 2014.

The Finance Minister seemed somewhat preoccupied with closing tax loopholes and stopping international tax evasion and ensuring compliance with the filing of the Foreign Verification Form T1135. To that end, the CRA will launch the Stop International Tax Evasion Program, or the more appropriately named “International Snitch Program”. Under this program, the CRA will pay rewards to individuals with knowledge of major international tax non-compliance when they provide information to the CRA that leads to the collection of outstanding taxes due. The CRA will require the outstanding tax liability to be in excess of $100,000 before entering into such a contract. The reward will provide for payment of up to 15% of the federal tax collected.

Therefore, please be advised, I will not be writing my blog anymore as I will be compiling my snitch list and retiring to Barbados on my 15% reward earnings (Just joking CRA, I have never met or heard of an international tax evader).

I provide a link to my firm, Cunningham LLP’s budget summary (which I helped write) for those who want details of the budget.

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2013 Federal Budget

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