5 Things Dog Owners Should Consider Before Buying a Portable Dog Kennel

Portable dog kennels help thousands of dog owners save space and give their dogs a place to relax. Before you decide on any kennel for your dog you first need to determine what the kennel will be used for and how much space you will need to set it up. When choosing a portable dog kennel a few things to consider are: 1. The size of your dog. If you have a puppy you will want to get a smaller kennel this also goes for owners of small dogs. The kennel shouldn’t be huge but it should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down in without any problems. 2. Where you want to put the kennel. Most dog owners prefer to put the kennel in an area that is out of the way but still provides the dog interaction with household traffic. 3. Type of material the kennel is made out of. Portable dog kennels come in wire, nylon, or plastic. Some of the more elaborate kennels have bamboo or Rattan panels built onto a wire body for style. What material the kennel you decide on also depends on your dogs personality. Can they eat through nylon? Will they break a tooth on wire? Will that stylish Rattan be chewed to bits while you are away? Take some time to consider your options before going out and purchasing the cheapest one you find or the one that you think looks the best. Looks really have nothing to do with getting a portable dog kennel. Function should be considered the most important aspect during your buying decision. 4. Are you going to be using it in the house or will you be moving it around a lot? If you are only going to be using it in the house you might want to consider a larger wire model. However, if you want to use it for travel or if you will be putting it in a car then you might consider a nylon kennel that is easily folded down flat for transport and easier set up. You can get wire kennels that fold up and transport fairly easy but the nylon kennels are much better for this type of use. 5. What is your budget? Portable dog kennels are not all made the same and some are more expensive than others. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by remembering what you are going to be using the kennel for. If you are going to be using the kennel to kennel train your dog then you might consider going with the nylon versions as they are usually less expensive. Wire kennels are most often times a bit more expensive but are still reasonable priced. Portable dog kennels made from plastic are more than likely going to cost you the most. Do some price shopping before you decide on which style and material you want to save yourself some money. The advantage to using a portable dog kennel is they are less expensive than other options and they can be moved or put away to save space. By knowing the answers to these questions your dog will end up with a nice place to rest and hang out and you will have peace of mind knowing you took a giant leap as a responsible dog owner. For more information about different portable dog kennel options try visiting DogKennelsForSale.biz there you will find helpful tips on kennel types, dog kennel fencing, and dog kennel suppliers. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/343627

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5 Things Dog Owners Should Consider Before Buying a Portable Dog Kennel

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