CPF Update: No Internet for a Month?

Getting Started Series First I want to thank everyone for the great feedback I received about the series. It was great hearing from so many of you about how it helped! If you have feedback (good or bad) or ideas to make the course more helpful send me an email – I want to hear your ideas! When I return (more on this in a minute) I will organize the series in an easily digestible format for those who want to go through the whole thing. But for now you can access all the posts in the series by clicking here . 201 Course on Blogging Part of what is going to make this break (see below) so refreshing is the fact that is follows a crazy hectic January that included the launching of my (and Jonathan’s)  201 Blogging Course . The course is designed to help new to medium-sized bloggers increase their traffic, improve their social media presence, and make more money from their blogs. If you are a blogger you can find out more  here  or if you are interested in starting a blog you can check out the  101 Course . Taking an Internet Break Last year I took a break at the beginning of the year to spend some time praying about the new year and get focused on my goals for the year. It was a very rich and rewarding experience and so I will probably make a habit of it. So I am taking off for February to do the same thing. To keep myself in check, I am not going to touch a computer the entire month. Pretty ambitious – I know. I will be checking email from my phone once a week, but (for obvious reasons) will only be responding to the critical and timely emails until March. I am starting to feel like Tim Ferriss. Needless to say, John and all the other great writers will keep things up and running while I try to live like they did 100 years ago. And CPF has been recently featured in the following Carnivals: Wealth , Personal Finance , Financial Camaraderie , Taxes , Personal Finance , Frugality ,  Camaraderie , Wealth ,  Frugality   Related Articles: $40 survey for CPF readers How to get FREE long-distance calls through the internet 8 Ways We Dramatically Reduced Our Expenses This Month Update on My 2% CashBack Debit Card Bob enjoys dark chocolate, paying off debt, giving, Foosball, loose-leaf tea, helping people succeed, learning, anything God created, playing guitar, Philippians, excellence, Chick-Fil-A, and making his wife smile. He started ChristianPF in 2007 and Co-Founded Blogging Your Passion in 2011. Find him on Facebook & Twitter .

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CPF Update: No Internet for a Month?

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