Dog Litter Box Helps Handicapped Canines

Of the many benefits of training a dog to use an indoor litter box, it is perhaps of highest benefit to handicapped dogs. Often physical handicaps come with increasing age; sometimes physical handicaps are congenital; and many times physical handicaps result from the trauma of accidents. No matter the reason for their handicaps, many dogs are faced with daily challenges to relieving themselves. What used to be a simple walk outside or down the stairs can become a painful and/or impossible trek for dogs. As an alternative, a short visit to an indoor litter box may provide them with a viable solution to this obstacle. When people have handicap challenges, they have access to specially equipped bathroom stalls, handrails, ramps, and other assists to their physical needs. As valued members of our families, we can help our dogs with similar assists for their needs. Instead of a specially equipped bathroom stall designed for people, we can provide a litter box that is designed specifically for dogs. A litter station that has a very shallow entrance allows handicapped dogs to enter and exit easily and safely. Instead of handrails designed for people, an indoor dog potty with taller back and sides will give a handicapped dog something to brace against when relieving herself. Why not simply put doggy diapers on a handicapped dog? For many dogs, that is certainly the most compassionate and logical solution. For other dogs, however, it is compassionate to allow them to use a litter box, if their physical constraints allow them. When many dogs lose control over their mobility or surroundings, they simply give up hope. Providing an indoor bathroom station for their needs allows them a sense of accomplishment through their challenges. Is this yet another example of assigning human emotions and characteristics to dogs, or is it a legitimate assessment? Many canine behavioral studies support this observation. In “When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals”, it is confirmed by many animal behaviorist’s field studies that animals do have a wide range of complex emotions. One only needs to observe the family dog over a lifetime to know this is true. For the love, joy, humor, and loyalty dogs bring to our lives, our response to them during their difficulties is nothing less than we would give other family members. Compassionate care for our handicapped dogs can include simple litterbox-training to assist with their bathroom needs. It is certainly possible to teach an old dog new tricks, and an older handicapped dog can easily be re-trained to use a litter box instead of going outside. With successful re-training, these dogs can renew a sense of accomplishment and also fulfill their inherent need to please us. Victoria Blackstone is the owner of Gracie & Co. She has a patent pending on her design of a dog litter box, the GracieLoo, designed exclusively for toy breeds and other small dogs. The GracieLoo’s namesake is Victoria’s Yorkie, Gracie, who just celebrated her 15th birthday. For the past two years, Gracie has been handicapped and her GracieLoo has been more invaluable than ever before. Learn more about the GracieLoo at Article Source:

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Dog Litter Box Helps Handicapped Canines

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