Give Away a Freebie And Make Money

A good way to make money is to give something away for free. That sounds a contradiction at first but, along with the freebie, you’ll need an affiliate program or product to tie in with whatever you are giving away. An example of this going round is an advert that says they will tell you how to make money for free. So you click and go to the blog, or whatever, and they glowingly write about how they have made a bundle of money. What’s more they are willing to give you the full details absolutely free – all you need is an email address. They stress that you will never have to pay them a cent or a penny but, if you do make a lot of money, a donation would be appreciated. They will, however, never ask for this. With nothing to lose you give your email address and you are taken to another page which gives you the full free report on how to make money. In this example it turns out to be a ‘guaranteed’ roulette system – which you can test out by playing it for free. Again with nothing to lose you decide to give it a go. Ah, but you’ll need somewhere to play roulette. And this is where they make their money by giving something away for free. They are affiliates for several online casinos and helpfully suggest that one of these is used to try out the roulette system. What they are doing, in a round-about way, is simply promoting affiliate programs – by giving something away for free. There are heaps of ways to give a freebie and tie it in with a money making opportunity. In a way it’s what a lot of blogs are doing without realising it. They provide information, pics, news or whatever (for free) and visitors click on other things which makes the blogger money. Giving away freebies makes money! Good luck, Mike. DIY Dating . Get your own free dating website and make excellent commission.

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Give Away a Freebie And Make Money

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