How To Get An Extra 1000 Referrals A Week

I’ve been dabbling in all sorts of ways to get traffic to my newest blog 67 Not Out . The results have been mixed but I have found out a way which is bringing me in a regular extra 1000 referrals a week. No doubt you have heard of Stumbleupon and Reddit before – most within blogging probably have. I’d used them before but without a great deal of success, even though I read up on the supposed ‘secrets’ from other blogmasters. Some say that with Stumbleupon, for instance, the way forward is to get lots of friends (subscriptions) and with Reddit you need high karma (their rating points system). I’ve got neither of these! I have only 10 friends/subscriptions on Stumbleupon and only a karma of 200 on Reddit. But as you can see below, from my stats, I’ve had over 1000 referrals from them in the last 7 days. Perhaps if I did have more friends/karma I would have done better – I don’t know about this at the present time. To get the extra 1000 referrals all I have done is to submit a post from my blog to both Stumbleupon and Reddit every single day. And consistency is now be paying off. With Stumbleupon I also stumble two or three other blogs or website’s posts every day as well. This way it doesn’t look as if I’m only promoting my own stuff. A few other stumbles a day only takes a few minutes. With Reddit I follow the same procedure and also submit other blogs and websites, besides my own, each day. Now, from what I can see, there are some very strange folk on Reddit who like nothing better to mark your submissions down, no matter how good they are. I asked one member why he did this and he answered, “Because I can.” They no doubt have ulterior motives. At first this used to annoy me immensely but now I accept that this happens and don’t worry about my karma. Just like I don’t get annoyed by some of the stupid / insulting comments some Reddit members leave. With Reddit the main way to success is a good title for the posts you submit. It doesn’t have to be the proper blog title, you can use something completely different. If it’s catchy and sounds interesting you’ll get traffic. As I have already said, perhaps if I fully followed what some of the self styled ‘experts’ suggest I’d get an even better response from Stumbleupon and Reddit. For the time being though, I’m happy to get 1000 referrals a week from them. Some might say that such referrals aren’t quality traffic. I still maintain, however, that all traffic is good traffic – and it’s definitely better than little traffic! Good luck, Mike. 67 Not Out : The blog about coincidences, synchronicity and other bizarre mysteries.

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How To Get An Extra 1000 Referrals A Week

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