Just Like With Elvis Dead Blogs Make Money

Elvis Presley is the top earning dead celeb. He, or rather his beneficiaries, rake in over $50 million a year. Charles Schulz the cartoonist, also deceased, still makes millions of dollars. “So what’s that got to do with blogging?” you may ask. Probably not too much, but imagine if you had some ‘dead blogs’ which still make you money. You’d no doubt be pretty pleased, especially as you are alive and well! I have several dead blogs that make me money. Okay, not millions – far from it – but they help to top up my blogging income. Elvis, and those top earning dead celebs, have steady revenue streams from work they created when in their prime. If we bloggers can create things of value within blogs – even dead blogs – then there is money to be made. By something of value I mean something that people will want to search for. This could be information, a ‘how to’ article, photos, images or absolutely anything. If people will search for it, on the search engines, then it is of value and should be monetised. With my own ‘dead blogs’ I still pay them some attention now and again. If you couldn’t buy Elvis music, photos, memorabilia then there would be no income. So his music isn’t allowed to die, it’s updated, re-mastered and so on and even promoted. It’s the same with dead blogs. If they have something of value update them occasionally, change the ads and so on. This doesn’t have to take long but it keeps the dead blog alive – just as the Elvis memory is kept alive. In fact, at times, it’s an idea to actually create some dead blogs intentionally. If you come across anything ‘of value’ put it on the Internet. It could just make you an income for years to come. Good luck, Mike Buy at AllPosters.com

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Just Like With Elvis Dead Blogs Make Money

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