Make Money With Blogs By Finding A Hunger

I was talking to a successful entrepreneur the other day about making money. He said it was easy to be successful. All you have to do is find a hunger and feed it. That’s all there is to it. Now when we start setting up blogs to make money, and read many of the blogging experts, they tell us to write about what we love, the things that really inspire and motivate us. But this is far from the whole picture. If your passion is for some obscure subject, no matter how beautifully you express your subject you probably won’t end up making much money, at least from blogging. Why? Simply because there isn’t a hunger for something obscure. So not many people are going to feed upon your words. Deciding on a blogging niche that will make you money is about, as I’ve previously said, giving people what they want – what they really want. Not what you think they should want or might want. It has to be something that readers are hungry for. This is where the value of following trends comes into it’s own. But better still if you can get into something before the mainstream has caught on to it’s potential and hasn’t realised that there will soon be a hunger for this particular trend. The only problem with lots of trends is that they don’t always last very long. So perhaps you need a niche where you can incorporate many trends as and when they are on the way up – technology, music, politics, celebrities and so on spring to mind. As the man said find the hunger and feed it. Good luck, Mike My latest Squidoo lens: Cornwall Walks

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Make Money With Blogs By Finding A Hunger

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