Making Money While On Holiday

Away a little longer than expected and had a great time. For the final week of our break we stayed in a 14th century cottage – very creepy and creaky. Back to reality. I’ve been checking my blog stats and the break doesn’t seem to have done any harm to my blogs. I think once you have a lot of posts, on a blog, they will virtually tick over by themselves – with the help of the search engines that is. A couple of things I did notice was that Zimbio sent one of my celeb blogs 600+ referrals over the last seven days. I think it’s worth joining Zimbio as you can put your blog on ‘automatic’ and they will add posts to relevant sections of their website. I’ve been doing this for ages and an extra 600 or so hits a week is a worthwhile boost for most blogs. I must add though that Zimbio works better for some niches than others. It doesn’t do as well for Mike’s Money Making Mission for example, but all extra traffic is welcome. Showing Zimbio Referrals For One Of My Celeb Blogs One thing I do when checking blog stats is to see what posts are getting the most hits. I then check the posts to make sure they carry some relevant up to date advertising – mostly in a text format. If not I add something. If a post is attracting visitors it makes sense to try and make some money out of it. Must press on, lots to do. Good luck, Mike.

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Making Money While On Holiday

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