My New Project: ‘Blogging Your Passion’

Warning: this post may be a little off-topic. If you are not a blogger this will probably bore you. Back in early 2009 I wrote a post called How to make money with a blog in which I shared 7000 words on what I had done to turn my blog into a full-time income from the hobby that it started out as. I never would have imagined how popular the article would become and how many people are interested in blogging and how to make a little cash doing it. The article has been so popular that more than 50% of ALL the email and questions I get from ChristianPF readers stem from that article. One of the fundamentals of good business is to find a need and meet it. And I have seen a tremendous need among many bloggers to get no-hype, honest, and reliable information about how this whole blogging thing works. After months of thinking and praying I decided to team up with Jonathan Milligan to start a new site:

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