Over 80,000 Hits From Stumbleupon

I know that I mentioned Stumbleupon in my last post and said that it’s possible to get an extra 1000 visits from them via their website. However, for one of my posts on 67 Not Out I’ve now had over 81 thousand hits over the last seven days – see stats below. This has given me massive traffic – at least for the blog concerned. As you will see from the stats below the blog had 37290 visitors yesterday and 51840 page views. For the previous day it was 26847 and 35882. I’m not for one minute suggesting that this can be achieved all the time but it does indicate the power of Stumbleupon as a traffic generating tool. I’ve heard people say negative things like, “Yea, but it isn’t good traffic, it’s not targeted.” To this I’d simply say, “Rubbish!” Sure some of the readers won’t be ideal, some might well hate what they find, but there will be some who like the blog, will subscribe and will even link to you. That has to be nothing but good. Because of Stumbleupon I’ve also had hits from Facebook and other blogs and websites which have happened all by themselves. I can’t honestly tell you why this particular post took off in the way it did. Could well be just luck but it’s good to know that this can happen and if it doesn’t you should still get a few hits. I’m now looking at Twitter as a traffic generating tool. Not too convinced about this but at the moment I’m trying to build my followers. So far I’ve gone from nil to over 700 followers. I’m joining lists where people say that if you will follow them on Twitter they will also follow you back. I can’t say yet if this will be of benefit and will get back to you on this in due course. Meanwhile if anyone follows me on Twitter I will follow them back . My Twitter link is @67notout – also why not leave a comment on this post and say you will also follow back those who follow you, won’t do any harm. That’s it for now, Good luck, Mike.

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Over 80,000 Hits From Stumbleupon

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