Review – Not Just Another Resell Rights Site

I’ve been a member of since Dennis & Rachel first launched it, and I have lost track of how much money I have saved on their products alone. I don’t even use everything they post and I have still saved far more than it has cost me. Now that they’re adding stuff from other people, this is not just another resell rights site, it’s an even better bargain! The low charter member price of is about to end. As you might know that launched back in October, and I have to say they have done very well with it. The bottom line is that members get access to a ton of high quality products for a very low price, with several new products being added weekly (and soon to be many more than just “several a week”). I think the total count right now, including the month 1 bonus products, is 180. 180 products for signing up today, and these products are not your typical filler, they come from not only Rachel and Dennis, but from some of the best product developers on the internet. People like Jason Fladlien, Matt Rhodes, Jay Boyer, Brad Gosse, Justin Popovic, Eric Louviere, and many more. What’s available inside the members area includes: Almost every product under $50 that Dennis and Rachel release. For example, one exception will be when we have a joint venture with another person, and the product isn’t completely ours. Dime sale items WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) Paid webinars Interviews …and more For anything OVER $50 that Rachel and I launch, you’ll get substantial discounts, if you want them. Plus products from our contributors, regardless of price, totally free The products selected are mainly those that can help a typical Internet marketer learn or improve his or her skills in the core areas that we all need to have, but they do also have products that come with resell rights or private label rights for those that want to build their VRE empire. Although there has been some criticism of the “bright shiny object” syndrome at play, my feeling is that learning more about essential skills like list building, copywriting, mindset, outsourcing, product creation, social marketing, etc., are not BSO’s, they’re crucial to your success… and falling behind on those skills means that you’ll fall behind the competition. members get dozens of new products every month for one low flat price of $37, but there’s bad news about that. The price is increasing to $47 after Wednesday, January 11th. Of course, everyone who joins before the price increase doesn’t have to worry about the price increase as long as they keep their membership intact. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing you succeed with us. Click here at If you’re not sure if this is for you, just try Join today, and you can cancel anytime in the next 60 days if you’re not totally overwhelmed with ah ha moments and delight. I’m 100% confident that you’ll never want to miss out again, because by the time 60 days rolls around, you’ll be seeing dozens of new products a week stream into your inbox. Share this on Facebook Tweet This! Share this on Digg this! Share this on Technorati Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon Email this via Yahoo! Mail Post on Google Buzz Related posts: Resell Rights For You, Resell Rights For Your Customers Why selling Resell Rights will always be profitable? 23 Resell Rights Software Products Cheap! Easy Way To Make Money With Video Review Site Hot WordPress Videos With Private Label Rights!

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