Received Money from YouGov

I’ve received another cheque / check from YouGov . They are the surveys and pollster company who are genuine – there are many dodgy ones about. YouGov won’t make you rich but I know that there are a section of readers who want to make a little extra cash or pin money. As you will see below my cheque is for £50 – which is about $100, to keep it in round figures. So who are YouGov? This is how their Panel Manager Tom Burgess explained things: You have probably seen reports of YouGov in the media: we are regular pollsters for the Daily telegraph, The Sunday Times, Sky News and others. We also do research for a wide range of other clients from businesses to charities to local government to utilities. In giving us your views, you are therefore providing your input in a wide variety of areas, from informing the debate on a public policy issue, to ensuring that a product meets the needs of consumers . Though the above refers to the UK YouGov are active in USA, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Middle East, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. From my own experience and enquiries they are a genuine, trustworthy organisation. To join click here . If you are outside of the UK, after clicking, you will see a Non-UK Resident section on the right of the page where you can click on your country. As I’ve said it won’t bring you in a heap of money but it will make you a little extra for completing surveys. Give it a try and see what you think. Moving on: Further to my previous post, below is a genuine copy of my commission statement for one of my FriendFinder accounts! My commission now runs into millions – and that’s just for two weeks! They ‘pay-out’ every two weeks. I won’t hold my breath! Good luck, Mike.

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Received Money from YouGov

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