Shoes Make Money!

I’ve been experimenting with various Amazon adverts to see which ones perform the best. I’ve never really done that well with this affiliate program. I get a few sales and make a bit a commission, but nothing too exciting. One of the ads I tried was for their store. Without much enthusiasm I plonked a header advert for this on one of my celebrity blogs. Much too my surprise it’s done exceedingly well. The products are shoes and handbags, so they may not be suitable for all blogs, but they seem to appeal to celebrity fans. was set up by Amazon as (to quote them), “…an exciting shoe and handbag shopping experience. is dedicated to providing the best prices, selection, and overall experience. With free overnight shipping, free return shipping, 100% price guarantee.” Now what I didn’t realise, even when I put the ad on my celeb blog, was that the commission for sales is 15%, as opposed to Amazon’s normal 4%. This obviously makes a big difference. Looking at my stats today I’ve just had $328.15 worth of orders which has given me $49.22 commission. If that continued I could make a decent amount every month. The sales I’ve had, throughout August, have all been for shoes and not handbags. I thought I’d just pass on the information as it might be useful to Amazon affiliates and earn you a few dollars. If you think, that is, your blog readers might be into shoes – but, come to think of it, isn’t everyone into shoes? Good luck, Mike Add Your Ad For Free : Place a free plug for your blog, website or lens.

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Shoes Make Money!

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