Should You Get LED Lights to Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs?

I was at Lowes this last weekend and as I moseyed down the aisle, I noticed that they had LED light bulbs on sale. 50% off to be exact. They are currently selling a 40-watt equivalent bulb for $9.99 – on sale until May 9th. Let me step back and say that I have avoided the CFLs as they have emerged the last few years. I really don’t like flourescent light and all the CFLs I have tried just make the room feel a bit like a warehouse. Add to that the dangerous chemicals contained within them and I have just decided to avoid them. A bulb that lasts Getting back to the $10 LED bulb. At first glance that could seem like a ridiculous price to pay for a light bulb. But if you consider the fact that this light bulb is rated for 25,000 hours – which is 23 years if you use it an average of 3 hours a day – this may not be a bad price. Comparing it against the cheap incandescent bulbs, you can get more rated hours from buying 20 bulbs that will last 1500 hours each for $10, but who likes to change light bulbs that often? I would prefer to change them every other decade – how about you? Energy Used This is where the LED really shines. They estimate (based on 3 hrs/day) that it will cost $0.90 each YEAR to operate this LED bulb. At the same KWH rate, a 40 watt Incandescent would cost about $4.80/yr. If you add this up over the 23 year lifespan of the LED bulb, it looks pretty compelling. The LED bulb would cost $20.70 to operate while the incandescent bulb would cost $110.40 over the same

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