Squidoo Money Making Update

I thought I’d do an update on Squidoo . If I’m honest it’s not going as well as I hoped in respect of making me money. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with Squidoo, it’s a good site and there are benefits other than monetary. I enjoy using the website, time permitting, but my major point of joining was to make money and this has been disappointing so far. To earn commission the lenses (pages) you have made need to have a good Squidoo ranking. One that is under 2000. Now, as there are millions of lenses, it can be seen that to have one of the best 2000 is no easy task. I’ve done this and had several in the category but, through lack of time, the rankings have gradually dropped. So what decides your ranking? Well it’s another mysterious algorithm. From what I can see this is based on various things relative to the lens. These ‘things’ include: (a) Traffic – same old chestnut! (b) Ratings stars – how other members rate your lenses (c) Clicks Out – how many clicks are made to Google ads, Amazon, etc. etc. (d) Goods Bought – have readers bought anything from, say, Amazon and eBay modules. (e) Latest Updates – length of time since the lens was updated. (f) Angel Blessings – some established members are called angels and they can bless lenses they think are exceptional. Blessings improve a lens ranking. So there are quite a lot of things to constantly think about if you want to make money by having decent lens rankings. It’s not an easy money making ride and I feel it will take several months of continued effort to make anything worthwhile. Though you could just do it for the enjoyment and possible contacts you might make. As I said earlier there are also other benefits to making lenses. They could, for example, be for your own products or affiliate programs or maybe to help drive traffic to your blog or website. A few Squidoo lensmasters do claim to be making decent money but these appear, in the main, to be long established members. To sum up Squidoo is a well run program and quite easy to use but getting regular, direct payments from Squidoo will take time and effort. Good luck, Mike. A few of my Squidoo Lenses as examples: A Year In My Cornish Garden / Sidney Sock Goes Missing / Funny and Humorous Letters / Awful Jokes / Golf Jokes and Golf One Liners

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Squidoo Money Making Update

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