The Secret Of Lots Of Blog Hits

My blog 67 Not Out  has now had virtually 2.4 million visitors, so it has gone quite well. I was asked, “How did you do this?” It’s no real secret – you just keep on going, day after day with new posts. Actually, thinking about it, that is the big secret!  Too many people set up blogs and soon get disappointed when floods of visitors fail to arrive to read their words of wisdom. On 67 Not Out I’ve now published just over 730 posts.  Now here’s the strange bit. Most of these posts keep on getting hits week after week throughout the year. So the number of visits increases as time ticks by. It’s often the back posts that makes the number of visitors look much healthier. It’s obvious why.  If you have just, say, 20 posts then you only have this number of entries in the search engines to attract visitors.  But if you have 700 posts – well, you get the message.  Your back catalogue of posts – as in the book business or the music industry – will make you money by bringing more visitors.  Think how someone like Paul McCartney is still getting royalties on early Beatles hits from 40+ years ago. It’s similar with blogging. Of course with blogging posts there are still the sensible rules to follow to get good results from search engines, and also from social networking sites.  One of the important secrets, however, is to keep on going, and have lots of posts floating about the Blogosphere. The more fish you have in the water the more fish you are likely to catch.

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The Secret Of Lots Of Blog Hits

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