The Setting Up And Promoting A New Blog

I have been spending quite a bit of my blogging time trying to set up a new blog 67 Not Out . As its about coincidences and synchronicity it’s not one of the ‘easy’ niches to promote. I’ve set up blogs previously on things like celebrities and money making and have got them moving pretty quickly using the right SEO and also picking popular subjects that people actually want to read. I usually set myself a target of 1500 visits for the first month of a new blog. I must admit though that I’m not on target as yet for 67 Not Out. It’s something I want to persist with though as coincidences, and there meaning, is something that interests me. With this new blog I’ve found a few things that work traffic wise and some that don’t. One good source of traffic has been blogcatalog whereas a similar site FuelMyBlog has been a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Blogcatalog is bursting with activity whereas FuelMyBlog has a directory of many defunct blogs and very little action on their forum. Blogcatalog’s forum is almost too good as, if you start a discussion, it can quickly get knocked off the front page unless you give it some attention yourself. I would add though that to be successful on blogcatalog you have to be pro active. It’s not good just listing your blog, going away and forgetting it. It’s necessary to make friends, leave comments, join in the forum and so on. Unfortunately that means allowing time for such activities. It’s a good place to find other blogs to visit and leave comments. I usually say in the comments I leave that I ‘arrived via blogcatalog’ . This way most bloggers return the visit. She Told Me has also produced a few visits for me and with the site you can also make a little money – if you are lucky! You simply list your blogs/posts and get any AdSense clicks from the page credited to your own AdSense account. It won’t make a fortune but, as they say, every little helps. As for blog directories most are a waste of space as regard referring visits. You might just get a handful if you are lucky. I’ve submitted 67 Not Out to most of the main directories but have had no referrals at all. What they are useful for is links to your blog, which helps with the search engine rankings. Most directories have PR’s in excess of 4. I’ve managed to get a few blogs linking to 67 Not Out so that also helps with visitors. What I’m waiting for is to crack Google and get some good positions for a few keywords / phrases. This will come in it’s own good time. As I said in the previous post it’s persistence that will win the day. Good luck, Mike. 10 Coincidence or Synchronicity Examples : Message from the dead, dreaming winners, questions answered, unexpected meetings etc. etc.

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The Setting Up And Promoting A New Blog

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