Top 3 Link Building “Best Practices”

Over the coming weeks I will share with you some hard-learned lessons from running thousands of SEO campaigns. Lessons from the trenches. You aren’t going to want to miss the article because it will save you TONS of link building money!. Before I tell you more into those nice stories, let me share with you my top 3 link building “best practices”. These tips will double your chances of getting great results, so pay attention. These tips you can (and should) use NOW with all of your link building. (Hopefully you’re doing all of these already!) These are the things you CAN’T forget. 1.) Anchor Text Diversity – When you build more than a handful of links, you really need to mix in different keywords. My suggestion would be to use a maximum of 70% of your target keyword with 30% being secondary keywords or nonsense links like ‘click here’ or ‘visit now’. 2.) Link Build Slowly – There is no need to build thousands of links a day, especially with high PR links. Twenty links a day will usually be enough to start seeing results in a week or three and totally avoid the sandbox. 3.) Vary Link Types – As you can see from the case studies and forums, TONS of people rank using just HPS. While this is great and all, I don’t recommend it. Build bookmarks, 2.0 links, wikis, profiles, comments, and every other link type. If an algorithm change ever happens, you’re safe(r) because all your proverbial eggs aren’t in the ‘high pr’ basket. BONUS TIP: Keyword selection isn’t technically a link building best practice but should be the number one rule of SEO in general. Be sure you pick a buying keyword that has sufficient search volume for you to make money. And, of course, has light enough competition for you to rank. If you want to ready a great Q and A about link building, check out what the guys over at have to say about it. The interview is a couple of years old, but it’s still pretty relevant. Next time I will share some amazing info about PR and indexing and how it applies to link building. You aren’t going to want to miss this because I have two VERY controversial statements we’ve learned from managing huge PR networks. Stay tuned… Share this on Facebook Tweet This! Share this on Digg this! Share this on Technorati Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon Email this via Yahoo! Mail Post on Google Buzz Related posts: Link Building Method #9 : Joining Link Networks Link Building Method #10 : RSS Feed Submission Link Building Method #4 : Social Bookmarking Link Building Method #8 : Software Submission Through PAD File Link Building Method #5 : Authority Sites Profile Creation

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Top 3 Link Building “Best Practices”

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