Unclaimed Money In Your Name?

I remember opening a couple savings accounts as a kid in the town I grew up in. But I don’t remember ever closing them. In my case, after doing an unclaimed money search, I was dissappointed to find out that I did close them and I didn’t have thousands of dollars sitting in a forgotten bank account. But maybe your story will be different. If you have 60 seconds to spare you can check for yourself over at missingmoney.com . You just enter your first and last name and city you live in (or lived in) and it spits out a bunch of results for your to peruse.It even gives you a general clue as to how much unclaimed money you could have sitting out there. So if you haven’t checked for unclaimed money in your name before, I recommend doing so. At MissingMoney.com it only takes about a minute and who knows what you find! C Let us know if you strike it rich! Photo by

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