Wonder Wheel For Michael Jackson Keywords

Have you been using the new Google Wonder Wheel to help find more keywords or other related searches? I’ve only just come across this and have found it useful when writing articles and posts. All the more we can establish popular keywords and phrases and what is being searched the more successful our search engine optimisation. Better seo brings better traffic, at least that’s the theory. To find the Wonder Wheel do a normal Google search (and remember the suggestions in the drop down box are also very useful as keywords) and on the results page at the top left you’ll see ‘Show options’. Click on this and the Wonder Wheel link is towards the bottom of the list shown. The Wonder Wheel will show usually 6- 8 phrases associated with whatever you searched. The example below shows the current Wonder Wheel when searching for ‘Michael Jackson’. The ‘Show options’ list (to the left of the example above) also includes other helpful links to stuff you are searching for – which, again, may come in handy when writing your article or post. Every little extra helps. The right keywords and phrases make the world of difference to attracting traffic from search engines – especially Google. And, of course, more traffic = more money. Good luck, Mike. YouGov : Make extra money by completing surveys and polls for payment – genuine company.

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Wonder Wheel For Michael Jackson Keywords

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